Tesla Deliveries in Taiwan Said to Include CCS2 Charging Port



The Tesla charging port is a little different depending on where you take delivery, and in a new update, Taiwan customers of the electric vehicle (EV) company are rejoicing over a much-need charging port update.

All Tesla cars delivered to Taiwan from Q3 and beyond will include the CCS2 charging port, according to a call with Tesla Taiwan, says Michael Hsu, founder of the Tesla Owners Taiwan club.

The update will also reportedly roll out new Tesla Proprietary Chargers (TPCs) to new Supercharger locations and high-powered wall chargers, so current owners won’t have any trouble staying charged, even with the update.

While the CCS2 charging adapter is largely a standard for other charging networks in Asia and Europe, Tesla’s chargers haven’t always included the connection. However, the move to include it in Taiwan deliveries could signify a continued move towards a unified charging connection.

As Tesla’s Supercharger network continues to expand across the world, the company has also doubled down on its production – of which Taiwan has played a major role.

Amid ongoing semiconductor shortages the past few months, Tesla announced that it may pre-purchase chips from suppliers in Taiwan, among other places, to ensure a lasting supply, according to a report in May.

In April, Taiwan company Pegatron also announced plans to build a Texas factory to supply EV components to Tesla.

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