Tesla Updates Model S with Matrix LED Headlights, Revised Taillights



Model s refresh new headlights

Tesla has updated its Model S refresh with matrix LED headlights, as seen in photos of the sedan seen in Taiwan.

The company is set to launch its Model S and Model X refresh outside of North America for the first time, and it will start in Taiwan.

We see in the image shared above, taken by ‘Caster’ on Facebook (update: they have been removed), and shared to the TMC forums by @Buggybug and @scody90 (via @EndlessPlaid), we see new front headlights with a matrix LED bulb in the corner. These new headlights are also found on Tesla’s latest Model 3 and Model Y Performance vehicles, leveraging Samsung technology.

Also new are revised taillights on the Model S refresh, reminiscent of what was spotted last month at Tesla’s Fremont factory in California. The lights look similar to those from the Model X. There is no longer a plastic bar piece that goes into the taillights, which you can see in the red Model S below:

Model s rear body spoiler

Here’s a picture of the old Model S taillight design:

Model s rear taillight old

Taiwanese singer, actor and racing driver, Jimmy Lin, also shared some pictures of the new Model S and Model X.

Both vehicles include a new CCS2 charge port, as previously noted by Michael Hsu (@hsumacher), founder of the Tesla Owners Taiwan club, set to live stream the unveiling of the Model S and Model X refresh in Taiwan later tonight, which you can see on their Facebook page.

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