Tesla Launches Camera-Based Autopilot for Model S/X, as Radar Dropped

A recent update to Tesla’s ‘Transitioning to Tesla Vision’ Support page confirms that all Model S and Model X electric vehicles (EVs) built for the North American market as of mid-February 2022 will not be equipped with radar and will instead transition entirely to the automaker’s camera-based Vision Autopilot system.

“As of mid-February 2022, all Model S and Model X built for the North American market utilize Tesla Vision. All Model S and Model X built for the North American market prior are equipped with radar,” reads the updated Support document.

Tesla transitioned the Model 3 and Model Y to Tesla Vision back in May 2021, but the company chose to stick with radar for the Model S and Model X on account of them being lower volume vehicles.

Tesla Vision uses “camera vision and neural net processing to deliver Autopilot, Full-Self Driving and certain active safety features,” explains Tesla.

Tesla Vision-powered cars offer the same suite of Autopilot, Full Self-Driving and active safety features as those equipped with radar. The only notable changes made by the transition include Autosteer being temporarily limited to a maximum speed of 80 mph, and Tesla Vision requiring Auto High Beams to be enabled for Autopilot to be engaged.

Tesla also touts equal (or better) efficacy for the safety features baked into cars with Tesla Vision as compared to those equipped with radar.