Tesla Touts Autopilot in China: Like Having an ‘Invisible Co-Driver’ [VIDEO]

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Back in January, Tesla shared a video in China touting its safety features, with part one detailing a tour of Gigafactory Shanghai.

On Friday, Tesla China shared part two of its ongoing “Go Giga” safety features, detailing Autopilot and other driver assistance aids that make the company’s electric vehicles the safest on the road.

Tesla Vision Autopilit is like having an “invisible co-driver” with you, says the company’s video.

The video spanning nearly 8-minutes long includes interviews with Tesla owners and how Autopilot and the car’s advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) helped avoid accidents on the road. Tesla also highlights how its safety achievements are ongoing, thanks to over-the-air software updates.

“This achievement, only represents yesterday’s efforts, as Tesla continues to urge itself to forge ahead,” explains Tesla China. “All the efforts will bring us one step closer to our ultimate goal of fully automated driving!”.

Check out the video below: