Tesla Vision Autopilot Requires Auto High Beams Enabled



Image via u/Jaws12

Tesla’s latest Model 3 and Model Y vehicles delivered do not come equipped with radar anymore, as the company is now transitioning to a camera-based Autopilot system known as Tesla Vision.

Now, according to u/Jaws12, in order to use Autopilot on a Model Y with Tesla Vision, Auto High Beam settings need to be enabled, as noted in the screenshot seen above.

”So just finished camera calibration on our new Model Y and while Navigating on Autopilot on the highway, I discovered that Auto High Beams were enabled,” said u/Jaws12.

“Upon trying to disable them, I was presented with this message and the car began to slow down unless I engaged the accelerator or re-enabled Auto High Beams.
Seems that at least for now cars with Tesla Vision are requiring Auto High Beams to be enabled when utilizing any element of Autopilot (TACC, NOA, etc.). I sure hope this isn’t permanent…” said u/Jaws12.

This requirement of Tesla Vision was discovered after u/Jaws12 picked up their new Model Y Dual Motor Long Range today in Cleveland, Ohio.

When asked if Auto High Beam performance had improved? Jaws12 said, “After driving home from my test supercharge (planning a small road trip tomorrow), I got to get a better feel for the Auto High Beams. They do seem to react better than the last time I used them in our 3 (granted that was many many months ago), so they have improved. However they still seem to turn on/off for no obvious reason in random places.”

For now, Tesla has lost some ‘top pick’ safety ratings, as the company’s transition to Tesla Vision has some features disabled, only to be re-enabled in a later software update.


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