New Tesla Model S/X Plaid Builds to Get Launch Day Badging Again

Photo: @jasoncammisa

When Tesla delivered its first Model S refresh Plaid vehicles, these sedans came with special launch day badges on the back, depicting the ‘Plaid’ launch graphics. This badging was only available to the first batch of 25 Model S Plaid deliveries, and cars beyond this event received decals that read “Plaid”.

But now, it appears Tesla is bringing back its special Plaid decal, according to information received by Tesla Easy Bay Club (@TeslaOwnersEBay).

“According to a source, “PLAID” lettered badging is no more. All new Plaid builds will now come with the launch day graphic badging, although slightly more flush & smooth,” said @TeslaOwnersEBay.

The apparent news was corroborated by Ryan McCaffrey. “Can confirm — or at least corroborate. A friend sent me a pic of the end of the X line from over the weekend. The Plaid X in the pic had this graphic badge rather than the P-L-A-I-D lettering.”

“Glad Tesla is doing this. Plaid should get something a little special,” added McCaffrey.

Tesla’s Model S Plaid starts at $134,490 USD and ships in 4-8 weeks, while the Model X Plaid starts at $131,990 USD and has an estimated delivery date of October 2022.