Tesla’s Model S Plaid ‘Special Badge’ Appears Limited to First 25 Owners Only



Photo: @MilMileBattery

After the unveiling of Tesla’s graphic Plaid badge, a new picture seemingly confirms the special graphic logo was reserved for those who attended the company’s Model S Plaid delivery event, while a separate Plaid badge has been revealed and is set to ship to other customers.

On Monday, MilMileBattery shared a photo of a truckload of Model S Plaid units, bearing a spelled out “PLAID” badge, confirming that the graphic Plaid logo seen and featured at last week’s delivery event was only for the first 25 customers who attended the event and received their deliveries.

Some users lamented the limited edition nature of the graphic Plaid badge, with many referring to the future of the badge being somewhat of a commodity down the line. Another user posited that Tesla may elect to sell the graphic logo in its shop down the line, rather than keeping them completely limited to the initial 25 customers that received it.

No matter what badge is featured on the back of the electric sedan, however, Tesla’s Model S has made continuous improvements over the years, as detailed in the company’s delivery day slideshow.

The Model S Plaid has been called “Tesla’s best car yet,” and it has also been one of the company’s most highly-anticipated vehicles – perhaps alongside the company’s upcoming Cybertruck and also Roadster 2.0.


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