Tesla Applies for ‘Cybertruck’ Trademark in China



Photo: Ray4Tesla

Tesla’s Shanghai factory currently only produces the company’s Model 3 and Y electric vehicles (EVs), but a new filing in China indicates that may change at some point in the future.

On Tuesday, @Ray4Tesla reported that Tesla China filed an application to trademark “Cybertruck” in China, according to an application filing dated May 18, 2021. With approval, the trademark would give Tesla exclusive rights to operate a business using the name Cybertruck – likely preparing for an entry into the auto market, if not for a few years still.

In the thread, users debated how the Chinese version of the word “Cybertruck” would turn out, with Ray even chiming in on a fellow user’s assertion that sai ka (赛卡), which reportedly means racing truck, “could be the best Chinese version of CT.”

The move comes following another chart-topping few months in China for Tesla, as Tesla sold 11,671 units in April, topping local rivals.

The U.S. company has also established its first fully Made-in-China Supercharger Station in Shenzen, as the company works to continue expanding the country’s EV charging infrastructure to help spur on mainstream EV adoption.

Tesla also established a local data storage site in China, following privacy concerns which saw military and government personnel banned from using their Teslas in certain office locations – due to worries that the company was sharing data from its cameras with other governments.


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