Tesla Model S Plaid Reviewed in Canada by ‘Unbox Therapy’ [VIDEO]

CleanShot 2022 01 18 at 21 39 33

Canadian YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, run by Lewis Hilsenteger (remember when he bent iPhones in half?), recently published his review of his first Tesla ever—a new Model S Plaid.

Unbox Therapy is not new to electric vehicles, as one year ago he showed off his Porsche Taycan EV. But this is his first Tesla experience and his reaction to experiencing the car’s software, yolk and 21-inch display, along with the acceleration and power of the Plaid, he was quite impressed, especially with the yolk steering wheel.

The Toronto, Ontario-based channel was also impressed with Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving, while cruising on the highway, particularly auto-lane changes, calling it a “pretty sophisticated system”.

The Model S Plaid review spans nearly 21-minutes long, one of the channel’s longest reviews. Hilsenteger praises the sleeper feel of the Model S Plaid as the fastest car in the neighbourhood, plus how practical it is to take the family and also with storage space.

Check out the full review below–to see a technology reviewer get this excited about his first Tesla should signal just how far ahead the automaker is, compared to existing legacy vehicles: