First Tesla Model S Plaid Delivered with New Charge Port, Front/Rear Lights, Badging [PICS]

Earlier today, we saw a refreshed Tesla Model S Plaid with upgraded front and rear lights, charge port and badging, and now we have confirmation it has been delivered.

According to Jacob B., he shared the news on Facebook he’s one of the first in the United States to take delivery of this refreshed Model S Plaid (via @realEndlssPlaid)

Model s plaid refresh

According to Jacob, he picked up his new Model S Plaid at Tesla’s Fremont factory in California. It appears this Model S Plaid was the one we previously saw today in a video, shared by The Kilowatts.

Tesla Cybertruck spotted with side ...
Tesla Cybertruck spotted with side mirrors and rear wheel steering (Original, High Quality)

We also get our first look at the new charge port on the Model S Plaid, which is similar to what we saw on a Model X in Taiwan.

Instead of the port opening from the side, the hinge is now on the bottom left. Also new is the lit-up Tesla logo, instead of a perimeter LED light ring around the charge port. There’s extra room here for a CCS2 connector as we saw in Taiwan.

Model s plaid refresh charge port

Here’s a closer look at the new matrix LED headlights, also found in Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y (Performance). This tech can be seen during Tesla’s latest holiday light show, as it can project the word “TESLA” along a wall:

Model s plaid refresh lights

…and here’s the original Plaid badging that was only available to launch day deliveries numbered at around 25 vehicles, but now standard on new Model S and Model X Plaid orders:

Model s plaid refresh 2

Tesla recently shut down their U.S. factory lines to accommodate for these new front headlight and taillight upgrades.

Tesla’s adaptive headlights use PixCell LED technology from Samsung. The NHTSA recently approved adaptive LED headlights for the USA.

The company also recently confirmed these new Model S and Model X builds now use Tesla Vision, which is camera-only based Autopilot, like the Model 3 and Model Y, and no longer uses radar.