Watch: Tesla CCS2 Charge Port Hatch Opens in 2 Stages on Model X Plaid [VIDEO]



Photo: Tesla Owners Taiwan (via Facebook)

Tesla announced plans to launch the Model S and X in Taiwan on Monday, including a CCS2 charging port, and now first looks at the new CCS2 port are making their way across the internet.

New close-ups of the Tesla Model X Plaid’s CCS2 charging port hatch were shared on the Tesla Owners Taiwan Facebook on Tuesday, taken during the U.S. automaker’s first unveiling of the Model X beyond North America.

The hatch opens, then further expands as part of a two-stage process. It just looks darn cool. We see the lit-up Tesla logo instead of a glowing ring around the charge port as seen on Model X vehicles in North America.

Last year, Tesla began retrofitting Taiwan Superchargers with CCS2 connections, hinting at a move towards the more-standard CCS2 port which is used across much of Europe.

The move to better standardize Tesla’s charging hardware worldwide also comes amidst increasing competition in the electric vehicle (EV) sector.

Taiwan’s very own Foxconn also unveiled three different EV concepts last year, in addition to existing EVs currently available from China-based companies like NIO, Xpeng Motors and Li Auto, amongst others still.

Tesla also shared plans to open its Supercharger network to other EV brands last year, though it’s not clear when the move will officially happen.


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