Tesla Retrofitting Taiwan Superchargers with CCS2, TPC Connections



Photo: Michael Hsu

After reports earlier this week said that Tesla Taiwan deliveries will soon include a CCS2 charging port, the company has officially begun retrofitting its Supercharger stations with Tesla Proprietary Chargers (TPCs).

On Thursday, Michael Hsu shared pictures of the new retrofit TPCs in Taiwan, which features dual-head charging connectors with CCS2 charging connections.

The news comes just a few days after Tesla’s announcement that all Taiwan deliveries from Q3 and forward will include CCS2 charging ports – somewhat of a standard in other charging networks throughout the world.

In the tweet, Hsu also says “1 down, 28 to go,” noting that the rest of Taiwan’s Supercharger stations still may require the retrofit. However, based on how quickly the company began rolling out TPCs, given the announcement was just a few days ago, it likely won’t be long before the region’s Superchargers are fully retrofitted with the hardware.

These retrofits will also be deployed at Tesla’s Yilan and Taipei Superchargers in Taiwan, both of which were completed earlier this year in January.

While the Tesla Superchargers in the U.S. simply use its proprietary connector and also CCS, much of Europe and Asia’s charging hardware is regulated for compliance purposes, which is why the CCS2 charger has become popularized in those regions.

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