New Tesla Superchargers Open in Yilan and Taipei in Taiwan [PICS]



Yilan supercharger tesla

Yilan Supercharger, Taiwan; image credit: @TeslaOwnersTwn

Tesla recently launched two new Superchargers in Taiwan, as new V3 stalls in Yilan and Taipei went live earlier this week.

According to Tesla Owners Taiwan, the club tells Tesla North both Superchargers went live on January 14, 2021.

You can see the Yilan Supercharger with six stalls above and pictures of the Taipei Supercharger with the same number of V3 stalls below, shared with Tesla North:

Taipei supercharger 2

Taipei supercharger tesla

The Tesla Owners Taiwan club started two years ago and as of December, had 2700 Tesla VINs registered with the club, according to the club’s president (all Teslas in Taiwan are imported from Fremont, California). Expect these numbers to grow once Model Y eventually reaches the island.

The Yilan Supercharger is located at 宜蘭市女中路一段279號 (No. 279, Section 1, Nuzhong Road, Yilan City).

As for the Supercharger in Taiwan’s capital city of Taipei, it’s located at:


Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2
No. 2 Jingmao 2nd Road, Nangang District, Taipei City Taiwan

Recently, the Tesla Owners Taiwan club met up with @TeslaJoy’s visit to Taiwan last month, and visited Tesla’s headquarters in Neihu, Taipei, which you can see below:

Tesla’s website lists 24 Superchargers in Taiwan as available, but there are 18 future locations listed as coming soon.

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