Tesla Model X Plaid Starting Price Increases $6,500, Only 6-Seat Layout Available



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The starting price of Tesla’s Model X Plaid has increased, now up $6,500 USD to now start at $131,990 USD, up from $126,490 USD (via @BLKMDL3).

This is because the Model X Plaid now only comes in a 6-seat layout. The $6,500 USD price hike is the cost of the previous upgrade to a 6-seat SUV. Previously, 5 seats were standard, with options for 6-seat and 7-seats. But now only 6-seat remains.

With six seats, the Model X Plaid has an EPA-estimated range of 311 miles. As of writing, estimated delivery for a Model X Plaid is noted as October 2022.

Tesla also changed the front page of its website to now show the Model 3 first (instead of the Model S), followed by the Model Y, Model S and then Model X.

For the Long Range Model X, seat options still include 5, 6 and 7. By limited the seating options for Plaid, it may likely allow Tesla to simplify its production line for its premium and fastest SUV.

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