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Tesla Launches Earth Day Photo Contest in Its Mobile App

Tesla has launched an Earth Day photo contest through their app, encouraging users to submit their best Tesla photos for a chance to win 3500 credits. These credits can be used to redeem Supercharging, software upgrades, and more through the Loot Box feature. The contest is in honor of Earth Day, celebrated annually on April […]

Tesla Updates Mobile App to Set Charging Limits Easier

Tesla updated its mobile app this week to add some tweaks to make it easier to set charging limits for your vehicle. The Tesla iPhone app, as shown below, now has points along the charging slider for rates of 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% and 90%. When move the slide across these charging points, it easily […]

Man Claims His Tesla App Let Him Drive Someone Else’s Car

Tesla’s mobile app apparently let an immigration consultant from Canada get into and drive someone else’s vehicle, according to a report from Global News. Vancouver, B.C., resident Rajesh Randev claims the Tesla app on his phone gave him access to and let him drive a Tesla that wasn’t his. Tesla owners can use the mobile app […]

Tesla Removes Some Window Features Due to NHTSA Regulations

Image via @Tommyf902 It appears some federal regulations have resulted in Tesla removing some window features through a software update. Dating back to late September, customers on the TMC forums that took new deliveries of Model 3 and Model Y noticed features such as the Close Windows on Lock feature. “You can also enable Close […]

Tesla Software Releases Notes are Coming to the Mobile App [Confirmed]

Update Nov. 28, 2022: Tesla just updated its iOS app and confirmed release notes are viewable in its app now. The release notes for Tesla software updates are only available within vehicles, but that appears to be changing soon. That’s according to information shared by @DirtyTesla and seemingly corroborated by a source to @Teslascope. “Coming […]

Tesla Mobile App Rolling Out ‘Send Feedback’ Option [PICS]

Tesla’s mobile app is updating with new features on a fairly regular basis, and one new feature added over-the-air seems to let owners send feedback directly to the automaker. According to FSD beta tester James Locke, (@ArcTechInc), a new menu option of ‘Send Feedback’ is now listed in the Tesla pp, underneath ‘Roadside’. It’s showing […]

Tesla Expands Self Diagnostics Feature to Include Vehicle Range Concerns

Since rolling out a new self-diagnostics feature for service appointments back in July, Tesla has already made some improvements to the tool in the mobile app. Tesla’s internal app strings seem to show that the automaker expanded the self-diagnostic feature to include battery range concerns as spotted by @tesla_adri. The app also added a question […]

Tesla App to Let You Pair a Wall Connector Soon, Hints Code

Tesla’s app version 4.10.0 is now available, and it is hinting at the future possibility of pairing the company’s Wall Connector to the app. Additionally, Tesla has added an internal folder called “wallconnector_pairing” including assets detailing the process of pairing the wall connector. Although the pairing was spotted in the update, @Tesla_Adri, who made the […]

Tesla App Update Brings More Powerwall Features, Auto Seat Heater

Image: Tesla North A new update for the Tesla app (version 4.7.0 on iOS) started rolling out late Monday evening and brings a new auto seat heating feature, along with several improvements for Tesla Powerwall owners (via @AlexGuichet). Hey @Tesla #Powerwall owners, fun new app update for you. Big updates to Storm Watch and Energy […]