More Tesla App Goodies: Remote Boombox and Farts, New Temperature Controls and More

Photo: Tesla

Tesla unveiled the mobile app update 4.15.0 on Monday, and as more users switch to the app version, more details about what’s new are coming out, besides the new ability to view release notes in the app.

The 4.15.0 Tesla app update includes a wide range of new features and improvements, including the ability to manage a car’s Boombox feature remotely via the app, with some source code even showing that users can make their vehicles fart from their phone, says @Tesla App Updates.

Other internal string changes include an endpoint change letting users set co-pilot temperature, and a new folder addition including the path name “shop,” among other changes still.

The app update also includes the ability to view release notes and change logs for each update, a new string including the phrase “shop_free,” and a “Haha, what a hoot!” response that the account isn’t sure how to trigger.

Additionally, the app includes a Cabin Camera mode which could be handy for leaving your dog or children in the car and keeping tabs on them remotely from the app on your smartphone.

In August, the Tesla app began rolling out a “send feedback” feature, about five months after J.D. Power noted that Tesla’s app was unmatched by other electric vehicle (EV) startups.