Tesla Mobile App Rolling Out ‘Send Feedback’ Option [PICS]

Photo: @ArcTechInc

Tesla’s mobile app is updating with new features on a fairly regular basis, and one new feature added over-the-air seems to let owners send feedback directly to the automaker.

According to FSD beta tester James Locke, (@ArcTechInc), a new menu option of ‘Send Feedback’ is now listed in the Tesla pp, underneath ‘Roadside’. It’s showing up for his Model 3 Dual Motor with FSD beta.

When the “App Feedback” screen is opened, it allows users to describe any issues, choose a severity level, include or exclude a screenshot of specific screens and select what’s going wrong.

The option lets users select from a list of components that could be going wrong within the car, including options such as “Interior – Hardware,” “Mobile App,” “Park Sensors,” “Range” and more.

Photo: @ArcTechInc

Photo: @ArcTechInc

Photo: @ArcTechInc

So far, we’re not seeing or hearing anyone else with this ‘Send Feedback’ option in the Tesla mobile app, aside from the screenshots shared by Locke.

Earlier this week, Locke was ‘the chosen one’ to be scolded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, over FSD beta feedback. Looks like Locke’s comments got Musk to clap back with a harsh response, saying “10.69 is in limited release for a reason. Please do not ask to be included in early beta releases and then complain.”

Last month, the Tesla mobile app began giving drivers custom work charging rate options, simply by navigating to the “Charge Stats” section and selecting the info icon in the top right corner.

Tesla Powerwall users can also pair with their Wall Connectors using the app, which wasn’t previously available.

In March, Tesla added other Powerwall features and an auto seat heating function to the mobile app, just a few weeks after debuting actionable notifications.

Additionally, a Tesla App Store has been rumored throughout the year, with one report even claiming that the automaker is already working on it.