Tesla App Update Brings More Powerwall Features, Auto Seat Heater

Image: Tesla North

A new update for the Tesla app (version 4.7.0 on iOS) started rolling out late Monday evening and brings a new auto seat heating feature, along with several improvements for Tesla Powerwall owners (via @AlexGuichet).

Tesla introduced auto seat heating with the new V11 software back in December of last year, but the feature was previously only available on the in-car display. The latest app update makes it so you can access the feature right on your phone.

Auto seat heating automatically adjusts how much a seat is heated based on the temperature of the cabin. The feature sets seat heating to the max when the cabin is cooler, and automatically lowers it as the cabin warms up.

Version 4.7.0 of the Tesla mobile app also brings big updates for Powerwall owners, including improvements to Storm Watch, a feature that tracks storm forecasts in your area and charges your Powerwall accordingly, and the Energy settings overall.

As of May 2021, Tesla has surpassed 200,000 Powerwall installs worldwide. Unfortunately, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed in July 2021 that the company’s residential energy storage solution had hit a major backlog due to the ongoing global chip shortage.

Twitter user @coffeetabletsla said version 4.7.0 removed all of their extra ‘quick controls,’ leaving them with the standard four.

The user said in a follow-up tweet that they can still add a fifth shortcut to the quick controls, but can’t add any more like they previously could. Quick controls debuted in version 4.3 of the Tesla app in November 2021.