First Look: Tesla 2021 Holiday Software Update 2021.44.25.2, Version 11.0 [PICS]

Tesla v11 5

Image credit: Waleed (@GwEYTCoD)

Tesla finally started rolling out its 2021 holiday update to the masses on Thursday evening Pacific Time, which comes with a new user interface, games and more.

Model 3 Performance owner, Waleed (@GwEYTCoD) based in Ohio, USA, has shared some first images of what the 2021.44.25.2 software update brings.

While we’ve previously seen images of the 2021 holiday update from Tesla owner ‘Emulsifide’, here’s a first look at the first widespread rollout of the holiday update and how it details the new features.

After the 2021.44.25.2 software update finishes installing, a new splash screen reads, “introducing Software Version 11.0. Tap to explore what’s new.”

Tesla v11

Next, a message will show “a few items have moved under controls.” On the far left, the car icon now brings up the energy app, windshield wipers, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Sentry mode. Yes, you’ll now need an extra tap to access it appears:

Tesla v11 2

Now, there’s a “new customizable bottom bar”. These square icons look reminiscent of app icons from smartphone such as Android. There are shortcuts for cameras, energy, calendar, messages, Tesla Theater, Tesla Arcade, Toybox, browser, Bluetooth and music.

Tesla v11 3

Tesla also shows “new temperature quick controls”. Once you tap the temperature it will bring up a settings icon, seat heaters (now with Auto), plus front and rear defrost.

Tesla v11 4

Let us know if you’re seeing the 2021.44.25.2 software update which includes these 2021 holiday goodies, including a Light Show for Model 3 and Model Y and more.