Rumor: Tesla App Store Reportedly in the Works



Many joke how a Tesla is just an Apple iPad on wheels. While that may be the case, one thing missing is an App Store and the lack of third-party apps.

But a Tesla ‘App Store’ is rumoured to be in the works, according to some rumors on Saturday. Tesla insider @SawyerMerritt teased something similar to Apple’s App Store was coming to Tesla, and @WholeMarsBlog replied to say, “I heard that rumor too. Probably from the same person.”

That’s when third-party Tesla companion service, @Teslascope entered the chat, providing some more specific details on what they’ve heard, seemingly corroborating an app store might be coming.

“The rumor is out! Tesla has been working on their own “App Store” since around May 2021 and will launch before deliveries of the Cybertruck,” claimed @Teslascope.

“This is what we expected to be shared during the earnings call, although @elonmusk did share this would be the year of “software””, added @Teslascope.

“To clarify: Given this not being mentioned during the earnings call, it is our belief that the intended launch period may have been extended, although work has been in progress since the inception of V11 UI with the refreshed Model S/X,” added @Teslascope.

Creating a Tesla app store would allow the automaker to take in yet another services revenue stream, if it were to implement a business model similar to Apple. The iPhone maker takes a 30% cut from developers when someone purchases an app, service or subscription.

Having some popular apps on a Tesla would also be another way to attract more customers to the vehicles as well. The latest Tesla vehicles are shipping with AMD Ryzen chips, which offer the same processing power as a PlayStation 5. We know Tesla CEO Elon Musk is a gamer, so it’s inevitable an app store would bring even more popular games to the company’s cars, if this rumor actually pans out.

Tesla’s latest V11 software update added more UI gestures, plus the ability to customize app arrangements, seemingly setting the stage for third-party apps.

Would you want to download more apps from third-party developers to your Tesla?

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