Tesla Removes Some Window Features Due to NHTSA Regulations

Tesla window close app

Image via @Tommyf902

It appears some federal regulations have resulted in Tesla removing some window features through a software update.

Dating back to late September, customers on the TMC forums that took new deliveries of Model 3 and Model Y noticed features such as the Close Windows on Lock feature.

“You can also enable Close Windows on Lock by touching Controls > Locks > Close Windows on Lock. When enabled, your vehicle automatically closes the windows when Model Y locks,” explains Tesla’s manual.

But now we have some more information regarding features Tesla was forced to remove, due to federal regulations.

Canadian Tesla owner @Tommyf902 noted their new Model Y did not allow closing windows from the mobile app.

Further investigation with @Teslascope resulted in Tommy reaching out to Tesla for a service appointment. Tesla Service respond with, “Greetings from Tesla. Due to recent federal regulations, certain automatic window features will not be available until further development,” as seen in Tommy’s screenshot below:

Tesla window features

Tesla noted the following window features will not be available:

  • Rolling window(s) up/down with physical switches unless vehicle has been authenticated for drive by pressing brake pedal
  • Remote window features (i.e., Vent and Close) in the Tesla mobile app
  • Feature to automatically close windows upon lock
  • Automated closure of windows upon entry to Car Wash mode

According to @Teslascope, this is due to the NHTSA’s new requirements in FMVSS, Section 5.

Back in September 2022, Tesla had to issue a software update for nearly 1.1 million vehicles, regarding windows closing that would pinch driver hands or fingers with excessive force before reversing themselves. In November, Tesla issued the same software update as part of a ‘recall’ with Transport Canada.

“The window automatic reversal system may not react correctly after detecting an obstruction. This could cause the window to close with too much force before it stops and retracts. Also, the window may not retract enough after detecting an obstruction. As a result, the power windows do not pass certain tests under Canadian safety regulations,” noted Transport Canada.

Tesla later notified all affected customers to say, “At this time, there is no action you need to take. The firmware remedy is being prepared but is not yet available. When the remedy is available, we will notify you and it will be automatically deployed OTA to your vehicle.”

Vehicles impacted include Model 3 units built from 2017-2022, Model Y units built from 2020-2021, and Model S or X units built between 2021-2022.

Here’s a video of windows closing on fingers then reversing themselves, as demonstrated by @PJWheeler83, to illustrate the windows don’t hurt when closing on your fingers (adult fingers may be different compared to baby, toddler or kid fingers):

In regards to the software update for the windows, Musk said in September “to the best of our knowledge, there have been no injuries.”