Tesla Expands Self Diagnostics Feature to Include Vehicle Range Concerns

Photo: Tesla (via @Tesla_Adri)

Since rolling out a new self-diagnostics feature for service appointments back in July, Tesla has already made some improvements to the tool in the mobile app.

Tesla’s internal app strings seem to show that the automaker expanded the self-diagnostic feature to include battery range concerns as spotted by @tesla_adri.

The app also added a question at the bottom with the ability to answer yes or no, asking users, “Did this resolve your concern?”

The page also includes a “Learn More” button to open related support pages from the company.

To see the self-diagnostic page, users must choose service, request service, battery then range, and you can trigger the self-diagnosis on battery range by typing “range loss” into the search field.

Update: According to Tesla owner @Brandonee916, he just tried this self-diagnostic feature for vehicle range. He said Tesla customer support called him and told him his battery retention percentage for his 2018 Model 3, at 82.5%.

In July, Tesla also added the ability to set custom work charging rates in the mobile app, letting users see more accurate spending and savings insights.

The Tesla app also added controls for wall connector owners, letting drivers pair their vehicles directly to the Tesla Powerwall and Wall Connector. Another app update in March included auto seat heaters and added Powerwall features to the app.

A rumor from February holds that Tesla could be working on an App Store in its cars, not unlike the Apple App Store or Google Play store you’d find on most smartphones.