Tesla Launches Earth Day Photo Contest in Its Mobile App

Earth day photo contest tesla

Tesla has launched an Earth Day photo contest through their app, encouraging users to submit their best Tesla photos for a chance to win 3500 credits. These credits can be used to redeem Supercharging, software upgrades, and more through the Loot Box feature.

The contest is in honor of Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 and it has since become a global event aimed at promoting environmental awareness and sustainability.

Tesla hopes to showcase the beauty and environmental benefits of their electric vehicles through the photos submitted by users. This opportunity gives owners the chance to win some amazing prizes by earning credits, and showing off their Tesla photography skills.

“Show us the best photo of your Tesla products before April 23 for a chance to win 3,500 credits and have your photo featured by Tesla,” says the company’s mobile app.

Back in November, Tesla rebooted its referral program in the U.S., while the program launched last month in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

News of the Earth Day contest was first discovered last week in the mobile app code, detected by @Tesla_App_iOS.