Tesla’s Referral Program is Back in Europe

Photo: Tesla_Adri

Tesla has reintroduced its Referral Credits program in Europe, offering free Supercharging and more for referring and being referred for the sale of its vehicles, as @Tesla_Adri pointed out on Monday.

Tesla_Adri also shared photos of the app showing the referral program, which offers up to 2,000 credits on referrals of any vehicle in the automaker’s lineup, such as Model 3/Y and Model S/X.

Referrers and buyers can trade in credits for Supercharging kilometers, merchandise, or for upgrades such as acceleration boost — which goes for 9,500 credits.

Additionally, Tesla_Adri points out that 1,500 credits can buy 500 kilometers of Supercharging, while 5,000 credits can buy 5,000km of free Supercharging.

The news comes ahead of the end of the first quarter, with Tesla also offering free Supercharging miles on all purchases for which customers take delivery by March 31.

Tesla’s Model Y has already been outselling most vehicles in a number of European countries in recent weeks, but the move could help boost the automaker’s sales before the quarter ends.

The news also comes just days after Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin reached a production milestone of 5,000 cars, a goal it has been ramping up toward for quite some time.

Giga Berlin’s first Model Y delivery took place on March 22, 2022, meaning that the company has ramped up its output capacity in just over a year of official production.