Tesla Model Y Tops Q1 EV Sales in Multiple European Countries

Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla’s Model Y outsold all other electric vehicles (EVs) available in Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, and Spain combined between January and this week, according to data shared by Tesla enthusiast Roland Pircher (@piloly) on Twitter.

No other all-electric model even came close to the Model Y’s sales volume during much of the first quarter. Tesla handily sold more than twice as many Model Ys as the Volvo Xc40, which ranked second in unit sales across the four European countries.

While the Model Y started the year off with fewer units sold in January than the Volvo, it quickly picked up the pace and saw a massive uptick in deliveries during March.

In addition to the Model Y being the best-selling battery-electric across all four countries, Tesla as a whole topped EV sales by brand and by automotive group.

Tesla is also seeing a massive surge in Model Y sales in Germany, where the company is locally producing the all-electric crossover at Gigafactory Berlin. The Model Y has also already become the third best-selling EV in Thailand after its February debut.

Earlier this week, Tesla started offering an extended warranty option for both the Model 3 and Model Y, priced at $1,800 for the former and $2,000 for the latter.