Tesla Model Y Keeps Surging in Overall Car Sales in Germany

Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla’s all-electric Model Y crossover was the fourth best-selling car in Germany across all powertrains between January and February 2023, according to data aggregated by Roland Pircher (@piloly).

While the Model Y has consistently topped electric vehicle (EV) sales in Germany, the beginning of this year saw it outsell many gas-powered cars from mainstream automakers in the region.

From January to February, German Model Y sales trailed slightly behind the Volkswagen Tiguan and Volkswagen T-Roc, which took second and third place, respectively. First place was held with a larger margin by the Volkswagen Golf.

In the past two months, the Model Y was the only entirely electric car to crack Germany’s top 20 best-sellers.

Looking at February alone, the Model Y ranked second for overall car sales in Germany, per data from Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). In addition, February was also Tesla’s third-best month for vehicle registration volumes to date.

Model Y sales continue to surge, not just in Germany but across the globe. The electric crossover ranked fourth in global car sales (across all powertrains) by volume in 2022. In California, the Model Y was the best-selling car for 2022.

With sales being bolstered by recent price drops from Tesla, the Model Y could become the best-selling car of any kind in the world this year.