Tesla Model Y was the Best-Selling Car in California in 2022

Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

The California New Car Dealers Association released a new auto outlook report for the fourth quarter of 2022, noting that the quarter was a “bright spot” amidst a year otherwise plagued with supply chain issues, as detailed in a press release on Tuesday.

The report noted that supply chain problems and vehicle production cutbacks remained major barriers to auto sales growth last year, resulting in lower vehicle registrations than in 2021.

The fourth quarter, however, saw a 13.6 percent increase year over year in registrations of new light-duty passenger vehicles. In addition, zero-tailpipe-emission vehicles (ZEVs) are on the rise with hybrid/EV market share in California reaching 31.1 percent in 2022.

“With ZEV product announcements every day, we’re seeing the latest and greatest in technology and innovation in new car makes and models by the major automakers,” said Tony Toohey, California New Car Dealers Association Chairman and Auburn Toyota Owner.

Data shows the Tesla Model Y was the best-selling car in California in 2022 (regardless of gas or EV), with 87,257 registrations. In second place was the Tesla Model 3 with 78,934 registrations. The Model Y was the best-selling “Luxury Compact SUV” and the Model 3 was the best-selling “Near Luxury Car”.

The Model S was the best selling car in the ‘Luxury and High End Sports Cars” segment with 9,234 registrations.

Tesla saw its change in brand registrations surge 54.2% for the year. Hyundai’s Genesis brand was in second place at a 26.5% rise in 2022. Cadillac, Mercedes and Kia increased 3.7%, 3.4% and 2.4% respectively. All other automakers saw registrations decrease.

The report also included predictions for 2023, including expectations for new vehicle registrations to jump to 5.5 percent or around 1.76 million units. Additionally, pent-up demand and low vehicle inventory places estimates on delayed vehicles at around 43 percent, meaning many buyers will see these deliveries this year.

“As dealers, we are eagerly waiting to receive these cars and get them into the hands of our longstanding customers. California drivers want these cars now,” Toohey added.

Tesla led EV sales in California for 2022, while ZEVs saw a 38 percent increase in sales year over year.