Tesla App to Let You Pair a Wall Connector Soon, Hints Code

Photo: Tesla (via @Tesla_Adri)

Tesla’s app version 4.10.0 is now available, and it is hinting at the future possibility of pairing the company’s Wall Connector to the app.

Additionally, Tesla has added an internal folder called “wallconnector_pairing” including assets detailing the process of pairing the wall connector.

Although the pairing was spotted in the update, @Tesla_Adri, who made the discovery of the folder, says the update may just be preparation and will become available down the road.

A small animation shows the apparent pairing process, which shows holding down the button on the charging connector, to initiate the pairing sequence:

@Tesla_Adri also shared photos of the assets in the wall connector folder, as well as screenshots of the string differences from the old version to the new version.

The photos of the assets show a wall connector being taken off to see the SSID and password for the device’s network, along with arrows pointing out what appear to be specific instructions for pairing the device with the app.

Photo: Tesla (via @Tesla_Adri)

Tesla’s app update version 4.7.0 brought along increased Powerwall features and an auto seat heater option, among other upgrades.

In February, the Tesla app hinted that yearly subscriptions may be coming to the platform soon, though it’s not yet clear if or when that will take place.