Tesla Lets Customers Easily Share Release Notes to WeChat in China

Photo: Chris Zheng

Tesla’s customers in China are able to use a WeChat-based “mini-app” to reach out to a support team or to correspond in a group chat, according to @Chris Zheng, who pointed the feature out amidst news about being able to see release notes in other markets.

Zheng notes that being able to see release notes from the Tesla app has been available to customers in China for quite some time.

He also points out that users can view instructions, view Supercharger locations, purchase cars and participate in events organized by Tesla, all through the app.

Last week, Tesla cut Model Y and Model 3 prices in China once again, as it looks to double down on last-quarter deliveries heading into the end of the year.

Tesla also unveiled an improved insurance incentive in China, offering boosted benefits through the end of November.