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Tesla 2022.24.6 Update Transitions Radar Cars to ‘Tesla Vision’ Autopilot

Tesla recently started rolling out software version 2022.24.6, which is transitioning some more of the company’s electric vehicles (EVs) from a radar-based Autopilot system to “Tesla Vision” — reports Not a Tesla App. For everyone updating to Tesla update 2022.24.6 from a version earlier than 2022.20.9, recheck your 2022.20 release notes after installation. Tesla is […]

Tesla Vision Autopilot Gets Increased Maximum Speed to 85 mph

Tesla has updated its Tesla Vision page to indicate Autosteer maximum speed limits have increased when using Autopilot, as spotted by @Tesla_Adri. According to the company, Tesla Vision is its latest Autopilot system that relies solely on cameras and does not use radar. Tesla Vision debuted on the Model 3 and Model Y starting in […]

Tesla Launches Camera-Based Autopilot for Model S/X, as Radar Dropped

A recent update to Tesla’s ‘Transitioning to Tesla Vision’ Support page confirms that all Model S and Model X electric vehicles (EVs) built for the North American market as of mid-February 2022 will not be equipped with radar and will instead transition entirely to the automaker’s camera-based Vision Autopilot system. “As of mid-February 2022, all […]

Tesla Cabin Cameras During Autopilot Need to Do Better: Consumer Reports

In a series of recently conducted tests, nonprofit consumer organization Consumer Reports found that Tesla’s camera-based driver monitoring for its driver assistance features, “fails to keep driver attention on the road,” during Autopilot. When Tesla ditched radar earlier this year for a purely camera-based approach to driver assistance technologies like Autopilot and its Full Self-Driving […]

Tesla Considers Adding Active Emergency Braking When Backing Up

It looks like Tesla CEO Elon Musk just added yet another feature for the electric vehicle (EV) maker’s engineers to work on. When asked on Twitter if Tesla could add Automatic Emergency Braking in reverse to its EVs, Musk responded by saying it was a “good” idea. Good point. We do have torque reduction if […]

Camera-Based Tesla Autopilot Tested During Rain in Nashville [VIDEO]

Following a number of Tesla Autopilot tests in the rain without radar, owner Kevin Smith has released a new one driving in and around Nashville. On Thursday, Smith released new Autopilot testing footage, taking place in Nashville, Tennessee with moderate amounts of rain, with software update 2021.4.21.3. The video shows much of a long road […]

Tesla Vision to Soon Capture Hand Gestures, Turn Signals and More: Musk

Eli Burton, host of The Starman Report, shared a video of Tesla Vision capturing and showing tail lights changing on other cars, shown right on visualizations on his vehicle’s display, specifically lights changing from red to ‘off’. Tesla CEO Elon Musk replied, \”It will soon capture turn signals, hazards, ambulance/police lights & even hand gestures.” […]

Tesla Model Y Pure Vision Autopilot Impresses in Rainy Test Drive [VIDEO]

In a recently published YouTube video, Kevin Smith shares part two of his experience driving his camera-dependent, radar-less 2021 Model Y in the rain to see how Autopilot holds up with changing weather conditions. Tesla removed radar from the 2021 Model Y and Model 3 with units delivered in May, replacing it with the camera-based Pure […]

Tesla is Hiring Testers for Autopilot and Full Self-Driving

As Tesla gradually approaches self-driving vehicles, the company is looking to hire test operators to expand the technology’s capabilities. Tesla is looking to hire test drivers for its self-driving vehicles in at least six U.S. cities, among others, as reported by electrek. The automaker has created job listings for internal test operators for its Autopilot […]

2021 Tesla Model Y with No Radar: Autopilot Test in the Rain [VIDEO]

In a new video uploaded on Monday, Kevin Smith test drove his camera-sensing, radar-less Model Y in the rain to see how Autopilot holds up. Using a Model Y produced in May 2021 running software version 2021.4.18.1, Smith drives around highway 65 in relatively light rain, while the Autopilot functionality seems fine until it starts […]

Tesla Vision AutoPilot Safety Features Put to the Test [VIDEO]

After Tesla rolled out its pure vision cameras to replace radar technology, many customers are out on the road testing the technology when it comes to Forward Collision Warnings (FCW) and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). A new video from Kevin Smith shows updated tests during both daytime and nighttime with a Tesla Model Y equipped […]

Tesla Autopilot Box Test: Pure Vision Model Y vs. Model X with Radar

Following the recent replacement of radar on Teslas to Pure Vision cameras, and reports of Tesla using the in-cabin camera to monitor driver attention, one Tesla fan has released some of the first videos driving a radarless Tesla. Popular Tesla hacker @greentheonly got Kevin Smith (@spleck) to test his radarless Model Y on Sunday, and […]

Tesla Says Model 3/Y Deliveries From May 2021 No Longer Include Radar

Tesla has announced more details on its Tesla Vision update, its camera-based Autopilot system. The company’s website on the weekend removed references to radar and the company has confirmed the change in a new support document. The company says they will be “continuing the transition to Tesla Vision”, and “beginning with deliveries in May 2021, […]