Confirmed: Apple Music is Coming to Tesla Vehicles [PICS]

One of the most highly-requested features for Tesla vehicles is to support the Apple Music streaming service—and now it appears it’s coming. New images taken from the inside of a Tesla vehicle at the company’s new exhibit at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles, California, show the Apple Music icon and app, plus an activation […]

Tesla Q3 2022 Earnings: $21.4 Billion Revenue, Up 56% Year-Over Year

Tesla has announced earnings for Q3 2022 on Wednesday afternoon, reporting $21.4 billion in revenue, up 56% year-over-year, to go with net income of $3.3 billion (GAAP), with the latter up 103% year-over-year. The company says its free cash flow has exceeded $8.9 billion in the last 12 months and operating margin hit 17.2% in […]

Tesla Q3 2022: Record 343,830 Deliveries and 365,923 Cars Made

Tesla has announced its production and delivery numbers for Q3 2022. The company said it produced over 365,000 cars and delivered a record 343,830 vehicles in the third quarter. “Historically, our delivery volumes have skewed towards the end of each quarter due to regional batch building of cars. As our production volumes continue to grow, […]

California Approves Plan to Ban New Gas Car Sales by 2035

It’s been a couple of years since California introduced the idea of banning gas car sales, and the state has now officially set plans for phasing out the fossil fuel-burning vehicles. California voted to approve a ban on new gas car sales by 2035 on Thursday and is one of the first government entities to […]

SpaceX to Launch Starlink V2 with Cellphone Service in 2023 [VIDEO]

SpaceX and T-Mobile made a major announcement on Thursday evening—Starlink service for cellphones, leveraging the American carrier’s mid-band spectrum. According to the live ongoing announcement, with the launch of Starlink gen-2 satellites, there will be worldwide cellphone service available, starting in 2023. Musk says this will eliminate “dead zones worldwide.” Musk says this new service […]

Tesla 3-for-1 Stock Split Debuts as Shares Dip Slightly

As the world’s most valuable automaker Tesla heads into its stock split, the company’s shares are slightly dipping on the debut. Tesla’s 3-for-1 stock split kicked in on Thursday, and the automaker’s shares opened at $302 before dipping back to $293 in early trading hours, as reported by Reuters. The split is Tesla’s second in […]