Tesla to Ditch Radar for Model 3/Y in Europe and Middle East This Month



Tesla began rolling out its Tesla Vision camera-based sensor system last May, and the automaker has now announced plans to begin shifting away from radar in other markets around the world, too.

Tesla plans to stop equipping vehicles for European and Middle Eastern markets with radar starting as soon as this month, and will instead outfit them for camera-based Autopilot, according to a support page on its website (via @Tesla_Adri).

While it was announced last month that Tesla Model 3 and Y deliveries in Europe would no longer include radar starting in Q2 2022, it’s now clear that the decision will also include Middle Eastern markets.

Photo: Tesla

On the page, entitled Transitioning to Tesla Vision, Tesla says that all Model 3 and Y units built from April 2022 will begin switching to the next-generation camera-based platform.

It also says that, as a result, features may be temporarily limited or inactive, adding that Autosteer will be limited to a maximum speed of just 80 mph (128.7 kph), also including a longer minimum following distance.

Tesla also launched a camera-based Autopilot system for Model S and X owners last month, officially dropping the use of radar for all of its vehicles in the U.S.

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