SpaceX Starlink Expands to All of Canada, Norway, Sweden

After SpaceX Starlink expanded coverage to all of Alaska, it’s now also clear that the satellite internet service now covers all of Canada, Norway and Sweden. Earlier this month, Starlink expanded to northern parts of Alaska and Canada, Sweden, Japan and more. Now, as spotted by Tesla North reader Nathan Owens, addresses that previously saw […]

Norway EV Pricing May Increase as VAT, Weight Tax Proposals on Table

One of the European nations pioneering widespread electric vehicle (EV) adoption is Norway, though new regulation changes heading into 2023 are set to cost zero-emission buyers more than in the past couple of years. Norway is proposing budget policies to reinstate a previously removed Vehicle-Added Tax (VAT) for new EV purchases, accounting for 25 percent […]

SpaceX Launches Starlink in Norway, Adjusts Prices in ‘Most Countries’

SpaceX on Saturday announced the launch of its Starlink satellite internet service in Norway. Starlink’s Norwegian rollout comes after the high-speed satellite broadband provider achieved full-Earth coverage last month. You can check out SpaceX’s Starlink availability map for a full rundown of global availability on its website. Earlier today, SpaceX launched another 54 Starlink satellites […]

Tesla Model Y Crowned Best-Selling Car in Norway for June 2022

Tesla’s Model Y was the overall best-selling vehicle in Norway during June, according to the latest country’s automotive statistics (via @alex_avoigt). The Model Y didn’t just top electric vehicle (EV) sales in the country, but actually sold the most units of any car on the market — electric or otherwise. Tesla sold a total of […]

Tesla Model Y Tops Car Sales in Norway for June 2022 and Year-to-Date

According to the latest statistics from, Tesla’s Model Y has dominated new passenger car sales in Norway so far this month and this year (via InsideEVs). The all-electric crossover had a lull in sales for the past couple of months, but it appears to be rebounding. As of June 25, Tesla has sold nearly […]

Porsche Taycan EV Outsold Gas Cars Combined in Norway: January 2022

Major shifts in auto sales trends are taking place in Norway, primarily in a move away from the classic internal combustion engine (ICE) and towards electric vehicles (EVs). The Porsche Taycan outsold all ICE vehicles combined in Norway in January, representing a continued shift to EVs within the country, according to country data. The Norwegian […]

Tesla Superchargers Expand to Non-Tesla Vehicles in France, Norway

Tesla announced plans to expand its Supercharger network to non-Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) last year, and a new update shows that the automaker is officially expanding the pilot service to other European countries. Non-Tesla vehicles in France and Norway can now charge at select Superchargers, according to a page on the automaker’s website (via @TeslaCharging). […]

NIO’s First Battery Swap Station in Norway Goes Live

Image credit: Weibo user ‘Delo loves to drive’ As NIO plans on rivaling Tesla and Volkswagen in Norway, the company is unfolding its electric vehicle (EV) roadmap in the new market with its first newly-operational battery swap station in the country. NIO’s first battery swap station in Norway is now operational, after beginning construction last […]

Tesla was the Top-Selling Auto Brand in Norway for 2021

After last year’s electric vehicles (EV) sales in Norway made up 54 percent of all new car sales in 2020, the country has outdone itself once again. EVs accounted for almost two-thirds of total vehicles sold in Norway in 2021, with Tesla becoming the top-selling automotive brand overall, according to Reuters. Norway’s total car sales […]

Tesla’s Model Y Just Dominated EV Sales in Norway for August

Tesla’s Model Y shipped to European countries for the first time this month, and according to a new update, the electric SUV is doing quite well in one of the most zero-emission vehicle-friendly countries on the continent. The Tesla Model Y has become the top-selling electric vehicle (EV) in Norway for August just five days […]

Mustang Mach-E Tops Tesla Model 3 in EV Range Test in Norway

In a widescale test measuring range, battery consumption, and charge time featuring 21 different EVs and performed by the Norwegian Automotive Federation (NAF), Ford’s Mustang Mach-E Long Range came out on top in terms of range, while the Tesla Model 3 came in second by about 30 miles, as reported by Inside EVs. The test […]

Tesla Ordered to Pay $163 Million to Model S Owners in Norway

Tesla is facing lawsuits around the world, and in a recent update, the company will now have to compensate Norwegian Tesla owners for past blunders. A conciliation court in Norway ordered Tesla to pay Model S owners 136,000 kroner ($16,000 USD) each, after finding that a given software update negatively impacted charging times, according to […]