Tesla Superchargers Expand to Non-Tesla Vehicles in France, Norway

Tesla announced plans to expand its Supercharger network to non-Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) last year, and a new update shows that the automaker is officially expanding the pilot service to other European countries.

Non-Tesla vehicles in France and Norway can now charge at select Superchargers, according to a page on the automaker’s website (via @TeslaCharging).

The expansion is part of a pilot program operating within the two countries, which began with Superchargers in the Netherlands opening to non-Tesla vehicles last year.

Drivers of non-Teslas in France, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium can also charge using the pilot program if they’re in France, Norway or the Netherlands.

On the company’s website, it says that the “Non-Tesla Supercharger pilot is currently limited to EV drivers who live in the following countries,” with the list including just the Netherlands, France, Norway, Germany and Belgium.

The page also gives instructions for charging at a Tesla Supercharger if you don’t have a Tesla.

To do so, drivers must make a Tesla account on the mobile app before using the platform to select “Charge Your Non-Tesla.”

Then, drivers can simply add their payment info, plug in their cars and begin the charging session.

In North America, Tesla’s V3 Superchargers are set to increase in charging speed to 324 kW in 2022