Tesla Superchargers to Get Faster Charging Speeds to 324kW in 2022: Report

Tesla is reportedly set to upgrade its V3 Superchargers across North America to charging speeds up to 324kW from the current 250kW, according to a report from insider @Sawyer Merritt on Sunday evening..

Following the upgrade, according to Merritt, Tesla will begin to unveil its V4 Supercharging hardware soon after the update, expected to debut in Q3 of this year.

According to Canadian Supercharger sleuth, @MarcoRPTesla, the user reported hearing the upgraded speeds would reach 370kW, from an unnamed source on the Supercharging team.

In either case, the upgrade would speed up the time it takes to Supercharge, and help alleviate line ups and congestion at the busiest locations.

The news also comes ahead of Tesla’s apparent plans to open its Supercharger network to other EV brands, a plan which the company announced last year.

While Tesla has already deployed the new feature in the Netherlands, it’s not yet clear when the U.S. automaker plans to unveil this change around the world.

Last week, Tesla unveiled a number of new Supercharger stations, including new locations in Japan, Australia, Canada and the U.S.