SpaceX Launches Starlink in Norway, Adjusts Prices in ‘Most Countries’

SpaceX on Saturday announced the launch of its Starlink satellite internet service in Norway. Starlink’s Norwegian rollout comes after the high-speed satellite broadband provider achieved full-Earth coverage last month.

You can check out SpaceX’s Starlink availability map for a full rundown of global availability on its website.

Earlier today, SpaceX launched another 54 Starlink satellites into lower-Earth orbit. The launch clocked in at 16.7 metric tons, a new record for the highest-ever payload mass to orbit on a recoverable Falcon 9 booster.

SpaceX announced at the same time that it has adjusted prices in most of the countries Starlink is currently available in to “better reflect parity in purchasing power across our customers.”

Earlier this week, SpaceX dropped Starlink pricing in much of Europe and Brazil as well. While Starlink pricing has previously remained more or less uniform across the globe, SpaceX has now started tailoring it to each region’s economic conditions. The move has slashed subscription fees by more than 50% in some countries.

SpaceX on Thursday announced a partnership with T-Mobile to roll out a new global satellite cellphone service alongside V2 Starlink satellites sometime next year.

The company has also announced a new “best-effort” service tier for pre-order customers still waiting in its extensive backlog.