SpaceX Offers ‘Best-Effort’ Starlink Tier for Backlog Customers

Many are still awaiting their pre-ordered Starlink hardware from SpaceX, and now the company is emailing some who are with a new deal.

SpaceX is emailing some of its preorder backlog customers with a new “Best-Effort” service option with lowered speeds for those in areas that are already saturated with too many users, according to PCMag.

In the email depicting the new option, SpaceX wrote, “For those with urgent connectivity needs, we are offering a Best Effort service option.” The email continued, “Best Effort enables typical internet activity with the understanding that Best Effort users will be deprioritized behind Residential users.”

SpaceX says that users may need to wait until mid-2023 for standard residential service, but that they can receive speeds of 50-200Mbps with the Best-Effort service option.

The company also updated its support page, saying, “Best Effort uses the same hardware as Residential and the monthly ($110) service charge is the same, but unlike Residential, Best Effort users will have the option to pause service.”

Additionally, Best-Effort plan users won’t be disqualified or lose their place in line for regular residential service, though canceling the Best Effort plan will relinquish customers’ places in line.

The news comes just a couple of months after SpaceX unveiled Starlink RV which is a more expensive option that can be used while in moving vehicles.