Tesla’s Model Y Just Dominated EV Sales in Norway for August

Tesla’s Model Y shipped to European countries for the first time this month, and according to a new update, the electric SUV is doing quite well in one of the most zero-emission vehicle-friendly countries on the continent. The Tesla Model Y has become the top-selling electric vehicle (EV) in Norway for August just five days […]

Mustang Mach-E Tops Tesla Model 3 in EV Range Test in Norway

In a widescale test measuring range, battery consumption, and charge time featuring 21 different EVs and performed by the Norwegian Automotive Federation (NAF), Ford’s Mustang Mach-E Long Range came out on top in terms of range, while the Tesla Model 3 came in second by about 30 miles, as reported by Inside EVs. The test […]

Tesla Ordered to Pay $163 Million to Model S Owners in Norway

Tesla is facing lawsuits around the world, and in a recent update, the company will now have to compensate Norwegian Tesla owners for past blunders. A conciliation court in Norway ordered Tesla to pay Model S owners 136,000 kroner ($16,000 USD) each, after finding that a given software update negatively impacted charging times, according to […]

China’s NIO Plans to Rival Tesla, Volkswagen in Norway

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) company NIO has had a successful year despite an ongoing semiconductor chip shortage slowing production, and now the Shanghai-based company has shared plans to expand into new territory. NIO will rival Tesla and Volkswagen in Norway with the release of its ES8 SUV expected in September, and the ET7 luxury sedan […]

Norway’s Biggest Bank Bets on Tesla and Other EV Automakers

Norges Bank, the central bank of Norway, made massive investments in Tesla and a number of other companies at the forefront of the electrification revolution in Q4 2020 — reports Barron’s. The Norwegian bank currently manages the world’s largest sovereign-wealth fund–the Norway Government Pension Fund–and disclosed the stock investments in a form filed with the […]

Tesla Model 3 Claims Top-Selling EV in Norway for December 2020

Norway, like many places throughout the world, is experiencing the meteoric rise of electric vehicles (EVs), and in particular, of the globally-popular Tesla Model 3. In December 2020, the Tesla Model 3 sold 4,232 units in Norway, landing it at the top of the country’s EV sales, according to EV Sales Blogspot. Additionally, the Model […]

Norway Electric Vehicle Sales Took 54% of All New Car Sales in 2020

Zero-emissions vehicles are taking the world by storm, and not even traditional gas car companies can stop it. Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) reached a record high of 54% of all new vehicle sales in Norway in 2020, according to Market Watch. While it’s certainly good news, it’s not all good, especially for the Tesla […]

Tesla Model 3 Prices Slashed by 8% in Norway

All of Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) have received range increases and price cuts around the world this week, with the Model 3 looking better and better in the auto market. Now, Tesla’s Model 3 prices have been cut by roughly 8% in Norway, as reported by e24. Price drops occurred across each model, with the […]