2024 Tesla Model 3 Crowned ‘Best Car You Can Buy’ in Norway

Model 3 best car norway

Motor magazine has named the 2024 Tesla Model 3 as the ‘best car you can buy in Norway’, following significant upgrades that have enhanced the popular model’s appeal.

The award forms part of Motor’s comprehensive annual car purchase guide, which evaluates vehicles based on economic sensibility, predictability of ownership, and performance in Motor’s tests or impressions from test drives.

The selection process, led by a jury comprising Motor’s journalist and test manager Øivind A. Monn-Iversen, NAF’s marketing and communications director Ulrica Risberg, technical consultant Benny Christensen, editor-in-chief Peter Raaum, content manager Marlene Engan Aasen, and technical consultant Audun Bergerud, involved sorting 50 candidates across five categories. These categories reflect a diverse range of new car market segments, ensuring a well-rounded selection.

The accolade was also recognized by the Tesla Europe account on X.

This year’s evaluation criteria underwent significant changes. Previously, the selection was limited to new launches, with a heavy emphasis on cost per kilometer. However, the evolving nature of car models, with substantial improvements in range and comfort, and the dynamic pricing in the market, led to a shift in focus away from just new launches and price.

Tesla’s Model 3 ‘Highland’ stood out for its low consumption, best range, efficient space utilization, high power, and excellent driving characteristics, all at a price unmatched by competitors. Despite some reported issues with paint quality and noise levels in the interior, Tesla’s continuous over-the-air updates and improvements have solidified its position in the market.

The jury also noted the evolving landscape of electric vehicles, with changes like rear-wheel drive in models like Volvo XC40, Volvo C40, and Polestar 2, enhancing drivability and stability on slippery roads. The guide also acknowledges the challenges faced by established manufacturers in adapting to the new era of ‘rolling computers’ and the teething problems of new entrants, particularly from China.

Tesla’s Model Y won the best medium sized car to buy, while the Model 3 won the best small sized car to buy.