Tesla Model 3 HW3 Upgrades Delayed in Europe Again to Q2 2021

Tesla has again delayed its Hardware 3 (HW3) retrofit for Model 3 owners in Europe. As noted by @Tesla_adri, the delay has now reached over a year. “It’s getting silly. Tesla Model 3 owners in most of Europe are still waiting for the HW3 Upgrade. it just got pushed back again. please address this @elonmusk,” said […]

Tesla’s European Market Share Falls, China Tops Global EV Race

Despite being a global top-seller in 2020, some experts have suggested that Tesla’s electric vehicle (EV) sales may be on the decline. Tesla’s market share in Europe plummeted last month, dropping by more than 5% year-over-year in January 2021, with just 1,619 registrations in Europe this year compared to 1,977 in 2020, according to automotive […]

Tesla 2021.4.6 Update Fixes DC Fast Charge CCS Bug in Europe

Tesla released a steady stream of software updates earlier this week, with the most recent update 2021.4.6 having just rolled out on Wednesday with a number of new bug fixes. Among them was a fix for DC fast charging at third-party chargers in Europe for Model 3 owners, which stopped working for some after the […]

Tesla 2021.4.3 Bug: CCS/DC Charging Doesn’t Work at Third Party Stations in Europe

There appears to be an annoying bug with Tesla’s latest 2021.4.3 software update released three days ago, affecting some European Model 3 owners. According to @tesla_adri, “multiple model 3 owners reporting about problems with 2021.4.3. CCS/DC charging doesn’t seem to work with third party stations. [Superchargers] work without a problem.” Many on Twitter responded they […]

Plug-In EVs Were Up 198% Year-Over-Year in Europe: November 2020

It was a rough November for Europe’s electric vehicle (EV) market, with the total market at -14% year-over-year. However, the continent’s plug-in market was up 198% from the prior November, with 166,000 plug-in registrations, making up a total of 16% of the market share, according to EV Sales Blogspot. November also saw increases in battery […]

Tesla ‘Model 2’ Concept Imagines Smaller Compact [PICS]

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced at its 2020 Battery Day event a $25,000 USD electric vehicle would be coming in the next three years. This smaller Tesla has been imagined as a compact of sorts, and Musk himself said Giga Berlin would design and produce this new, original model. Traditional automakers such as Volkswagen and […]

Tesla Increases Model 3 Prices in European Countries

After making quite a show of doing so, Tesla slashed the price of its Model S in the North American region. Not long after doing so, however, it would seem that Tesla has gone and quietly hiked up its prices for the Model 3 in Europe, according to a Reddit thread posted by /u/avirbd. The original thread […]

Tesla Model 3 Leads European EV Sales in September 2020

Each month feels more robust than the last for electric vehicle (EV) sales, with both growing demand around the world and growing access to charging, service, and the EVs themselves. In September 2020, Europe EV sales saw a record month with a 12% share of the entire vehicle market, with a total of 160,000 EV […]

Tesla Supercharger Bug Lets Other EVs Charge for Free in Europe

Free Tesla Supercharging for your non-Tesla electric vehicle? Sure, why not? This appears to be the case in Europe at V3 Tesla Superchargers, according to Nextmove. A flaw at Tesla V3 Superchargers in Europe are allowing EVs with the CCS2 charging plug standard top up for free. Apparently the authentication factor isn’t working as usual […]