Tesla HW3 Retrofit for Model 3 in Europe Now Rolling Out



After being delayed again earlier this year, Tesla’s Model 3 HW3 update is finally here, and European customers are already getting excited.

Tesla is set to begin rolling out its Hardware 3.0 (HW3) retrofit for its Model 3 in Europe, according to reports from Model 3 owners in Germany (via Tesmanian; save 10% off floor mats and more with coupon TESLANORTH10).

Twitter user and Tesla Model 3 owner @EV_Stevee posted Tuesday after receiving a call from the local Tesla Service Center, saying that they were ready to begin the HW3 update for his Model 3, with many in Germany set to follow suit. According to the user, every Service Center will receive about 50 HW3 upgrade sets, which will begin rolling out as soon as April 19.

The HW3 upgrade is an important precursor to Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD), an autonomous driving system that is currently only available in North America. While Tesla CEO Elon Musk reported last September that the HW3 Tesla Model 3 update was “coming soon,” it’s been delayed multiple times since then. With the HW3 rollout begin, it may be safe to assume that Tesla’s FSD is closer to becoming a reality too.

Tesla also recently offered an Enhanced Autopilot trial to its European customers, perhaps also to begin ramping up towards a European release of FSD.


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