Tesla Model 3 HW3 Upgrades Delayed in Europe Again to Q2 2021



Tesla HW3 europe 2021

Tesla has again delayed its Hardware 3 (HW3) retrofit for Model 3 owners in Europe.

As noted by @Tesla_adri, the delay has now reached over a year.

“It’s getting silly. Tesla Model 3 owners in most of Europe are still waiting for the HW3 Upgrade. it just got pushed back again. please address this @elonmusk,” said @Tesla_adri on Saturday.

Based on a series of screenshots documented by @Tesla_adri, Tesla had originally planned the HW3 retrofit for early March 2020. It was soon delayed to the end of March, then July, then late October 2020, which saw some scheduling but then appointments get cancelled.

As it stands, the Tesla website notes a timeline of Q2 2021 for the Model 3 HW3 retrofit.

With Model 3 owners in the Netherlands getting the HW3 retrofit, @Tesla_adri says it’s unclear why Tesla keeps delaying the upgrade.

Many pointed out European regulators have yet to approve Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD), let alone some of the features of Enhanced Autopilot, so even if the retrofit were take place, it would seemingly be useless. But having a hardware retrofit would allow Model 3 owners to be ready and waiting if and when FSD gets approved by the European Union.

Back in December, when asked about Tesla’s autonomous driving rollout in Europe, CEO Elon Musk put the blame on European Union regulators. He said it’s “hard to say exactly when it will be approved,” adding European Union regulators are the “most conservative” and they should “maybe meet more often instead of just six months.”

Musk said he is “extremely confident” a FSD rollout will happen for customers in 2021. The company recently doubled its FSD beta tester fleet to total 2,000.

Are you waiting for a Model 3 HW3 upgrade in Europe right now?


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