Tesla Supercharger Bug Lets Other EVs Charge for Free in Europe

Supercharger europe non EV

Free Tesla Supercharging for your non-Tesla electric vehicle? Sure, why not? This appears to be the case in Europe at V3 Tesla Superchargers, according to Nextmove.

A flaw at Tesla V3 Superchargers in Europe are allowing EVs with the CCS2 charging plug standard top up for free. Apparently the authentication factor isn’t working as usual and people are getting free charges.

Check out the video below, shows various EVs getting free juice at a Tesla Supercharger, including a Porsche Taycan, along with a Volkswagen ID.3, Kira Niro and a Hyundai Kona:

YouTube video


Most likely this bug will be squashed by Tesla, as Superchargers are only for owners of its electric vehicles. But for those who were able to get free juice, enjoy your little charge while it lasted.