Tesla 2021.4.3 Bug: CCS/DC Charging Doesn’t Work at Third Party Stations in Europe



There appears to be an annoying bug with Tesla’s latest 2021.4.3 software update released three days ago, affecting some European Model 3 owners.

According to @tesla_adri, “multiple model 3 owners reporting about problems with 2021.4.3. CCS/DC charging doesn’t seem to work with third party stations. [Superchargers] work without a problem.”

Many on Twitter responded they were also suffering from the issue in Europe. The problem is related to European Model 3 owners as they have a CCS connector to DC charge at third party chargers or Tesla’s Superchargers. Once plugged in at third party stations, the car indicates it has started charging, but then the stations abort the session.

This is a problem for those living in countries in Europe that do not have a plethora of Tesla Superchargers around, as that means you will no longer be able to charge at third party stations.

So far, no reports have indicated the problem affects Model S or Model X.

As for a potential solution or fix to this third party charging bug in 2021.4.3? @Tesla_adri said on Saturday evening, “one person was able to restore third party charging by letting the car sleep for a few hours. Still [an] issue since this doesn’t work for everyone.”

It’s unclear why this is happening but many Tesla Model 3 owners in Europe are anticipating it to be fixed in 2021.4.4, if and when it releases.

Are you dealing with this third party charging issue in Europe with 2021.4.4?

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