Tesla Updates Range of Model 3 in Europe, Australia to 614km for LR AWD



Photo: @tesla_adri

The range of the Tesla Model 3 has a few different options, depending on which variation of the electric sedan one buys. In a new update, however, Tesla has seemingly increased the range for European buyers of the Model 3 on its website.

Tesla updated the range on its all-wheel drive Long Range Model 3 to 614 kilometers (381.5 miles), from the previous rating of 580 kilometers (360.4 miles), as shared by @Tesla_Adri.

According to the thread, the change may be due to a switch last year from the company’s previous 77 kWh battery to a new 82 kWh battery, with just a short period of transition in between. Still, it could simply be the company updating the website after making the major battery switch last year, rather than a tangible change in hardware. The changes were also seen by Tesla customers in Australia.

It’s worth noting that the range number is still an estimate – much like how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) attempts to capture the rough range of vehicles, Europe’s Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP), which tests for range, among other things, estimates the rough distance EVs can go on a single charge. Especially for EVs, vehicle range can vary significantly from the reported range depending on a number of factors, as shown by this Edmunds Model 3/Y range test.


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