Tesla Model 3 Tow Hitch Price Increases to €1,350 in Europe

Photo: @raffaeru on Twitter

The prices of accessories listed on Tesla’s website change all the time, and in a recent change, the company has increased the price of the tow hook in some countries.

As Tesla North reader @raffaeru points out, Tesla has increased the price of the Model 3 tow hook to 1,350 ($1,614 USD) in Europe. Back in November, the tow hitch price was just 1,070 ($1,279 USD) at the time of purchase, marking a nearly 17% price increase. It’s unclear just exactly when the price change was made.

In addition to the price increase, Twitter users on the thread were quick to point out that the added cost of a tow hitch may also price certain customers out of certain electric vehicle (EV) incentives.

For instance, one user reported that, in France, EVs under 45,000 ($53,786 USD) are eligible for an incentive of 7,000, but over 45,000 the incentive drops to just 3,000. With the Model 3 tow hitch add-on, buyers would be looking at a total price of 45,150, effectively dropping 4,000 off of their EV incentive.

A tow hitch for the Tesla Model Y costs $1,000 USD in the U.S. to add it during the order process, but $1,200 USD if you want to add it after the fact as an accessory. The option is not showing as available for Model 3 during the order configuration, as of writing.

In other European Tesla news, Model 3 owners are seeing HW3 retrofits delayed again, to Q2 2021.

A new rumor posits that Tesla’s under-construction Gigafactory Berlin in Gründeide, Germany may begin producing vehicle prototypes as soon as May. While it likely won’t affect the price of the Model 3 tow hook, it may well affect the overall price of the Model 3, which will no longer need to imported upon the factory’s completion and moves towards full operation.