Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Might Start Prototype Production in May: Rumor

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin is expected to be completed sometime this year, and new reports hold that the factory may even be finished as soon as May.

On Thursday, German software company head Ralf Ostholt posted a rumor to Twitter that Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin would be starting prototype production in May, with full production beginning in July or August (via Tesla Mag).

Ostholt claims that German Railway is one of his company’s customers, and that they were told by Tesla to plan for the transport of containers based on the beginning of prototype production in May, and full production in July or August.


Ostholt’s original claim came from a Zoom conference with German Railway, during which he asked about Tesla’s timeline. While the news would corroborate Tesla’s original timeline, it’s unclear whether or not the factory will be completed on time, due to delays linked to environmental concerns at the site.

Whenever Tesla does begin production at its Gigafactory Berlin, it’s expected to start with the Model Y, which is also why part of the factory was constructed specifically for the production of the Model Y.

In any case, May is not far away, and only time will tell how this rumor ages. Take this with a grain of salt.

In the meantime, check out the latest construction update of Giga Berlin, shared yesterday by Tobias Lindh: