Tesla 2021.4.6 Update Fixes DC Fast Charge CCS Bug in Europe



Tesla released a steady stream of software updates earlier this week, with the most recent update 2021.4.6 having just rolled out on Wednesday with a number of new bug fixes.

Among them was a fix for DC fast charging at third-party chargers in Europe for Model 3 owners, which stopped working for some after the recent 2021.4.3 software update.

Tesla North reader @Tobias18910911 confirmed on Thursday the latest 2021.4.6 update has fixed the problem, as the owner is now able to DC fast charge again using a CCS connector in Europe, on his 2021 Model 3 Long Range AWD.

With so many recent updates rolling out in such a short span of time, many are speculating as to whether Tesla is planning a major update sometime soon. Either way, the recent updates have fixed a number of bugs, including the DC fast-charging, rear camera blackout issues, as well as a handful of other “minor fixes” and “miscellaneous improvements,” as proclaimed by the company.

In any case, it’s pretty amazing to live in a world where software updates can drastically enhance the performance of our cars. If you want to watch how Tesla software updates can improve performance in real-time, after making an in-app purchase on the Model Y, check out this video.

Thanks Tobias


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