Tesla 2021.4.6 Software Update Released [Update]

Tesla has released its 2021.4.6 software update on Wednesday morning, as noted by the Nikola for Tesla service.

The software updated was detected on a Tesla Model 3. So far, there’s no news on what’s exactly new in this update, but it most likely will be bug fixes, as we’ve seen with recent updates as of late.

Just yesterday, Tesla released 2021.4.4 with bug fixes, while the day before we saw 2020.48.37.1, and the day before that we saw 2020.48.35.10. It feels like Tesla is bringing its entire fleet up to speed before its next major V11 update arrives.

Update: According to @TrumpetDan, this update contains minor fixes and miscellaneous improvements.

Stay tuned as we’ll update this post accordingly with what’s new. Did you get 2021.4.6 today?