Tesla 2021.4.3 Update Fixes Rear Camera Darkness on Model S/X



Software update 2021.4.3 started rolling out to Tesla vehicles on Wednesday, boasting a number of improvements and fixes.

According to a Reddit thread, the update has also fixed the rear camera darkness issue that’s been plaguing Model S and Model X units with the Media Control Unit (MCU) 2 upgrade since as far back as update 2020.48.35.5.

Image: User “aimfulwandering” on Reddit

The issue in question results in the rear camera display being a completely dark image in the absence of ambient light, rendering the rear camera virtually unusable in low-light conditions.

The problem made it near impossible to use the rear camera to pull out of an unlit driveway or garage at night, leaving many users (understandably) perplexed and wishing they’d never gotten MCU2 installed in the first place.

Update 2021.4.3, while it introduces an odd charging issue that affects third-party chargers, manages to make the rear camera on affected units usable in low-light conditions once again.

As things stand, the image isn’t the best — and the lighting issue has only been fixed on the live display and not on recordings from the rear camera, but it is most certainly usable and won’t leave you depending on your rear view mirror or turning in your seat to back your car out.

Tesla slashed the price of the Media Control Unit 2 upgrade by 40% last month, and with the rear camera display in low-light conditions fixed, now is as good a time as any to get it.

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